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Zuzu Valla



Zuzu Valla is based in Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom.

Originally from Slovakia. At the age of 38, she is on the verge of defining her very own and recognisable signature photography style, exploring multiple layers of distinct human beauty. 

Zuzu has exhibited her work in Paris and Iran last year and she is planning more exhibitions in the UK and Paris in 2020.


Zuzu was brought up in a traditional Slovak family, growing up in the last years of the strong communism regime and social transformation of Slovakia (formerly Czechoslovakia).

Her father was a multiple boxing champion of Czechoslovakia while

her mother was a housewife raising three children in a small town.

Zuzu’s grandfather was a keen amateur photographer shooting in black and white, while her grandmother had been using a special painting method to colour his photographs.

Zuzu started her interest in photography almost by accident in her late 20s. After being disappointed by using a mobile phone camera,

she reached for her first DSLR camera and has never looked back.

Photography had become her passion.

Zuzu is excited about capturing the moments

where beauty, sadness and mystery come together,

creating her unique visual signature.

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