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Online photo exhibition  - éloquence



Proof of existence / What the subject tells us


"éloquence-photo" express the profundity of human existence through the portraits of people in stillness. Their works give a sense of the atmosphere of the subjects, transcend the material dimension and speak to the viewer of the existence.


From 20th December 2020  / The end is undecided. It will be a permanent exhibition.

*Number of exhibited works

12 to 18 works per person



All images must be JPEG files that are at least 2,000 pixels on the longest side.

Photographs should not feature any watermarks or logos.

Works that have already been published are acceptable.

*Submission Deadline

18th March 2024


send to : 

Please send your biography and a description of your work as well (1,000 character Limit) ,

and a profile picture.


I'm looking forward to showing your amazing works.


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