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Tobias Slater-Hunt



The Quotidian Body is a photographic project seeking to celebrate the diversity and form of the human body.
To use photography to find beauty on the surface of us all. The project looks to democratically embrace bodies of any gender, normative and fluid, any sexuality, any ethnicity, any size, any shape, able,and disabled.
No casting is made during the production of these artworks, the studio door is open to all. Each folio of images is a visual dialogue with the individual sitter to make an artwork out of their bodies and give them the opportunity to see their bodies in a profoundly different and positive way. The final project consists of the most successful, or diverse images from each individual portfolio.
The images are black and white to celebrate the form and texture of the body. A quiet meditation on the fleshy vehicles that carry us all, fragile and strong, unique but universal.
All works are anonymous.

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