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Tatiana Butova



I was born in Kazakhstan and lived there until the age of 19 with my parents and elder sister. There was always music in our house, my father played various musical instruments, and my sister and I played the piano. Then our family moved to Russia and since then I have been living in Moscow for 20 years. To begin with, I have a musical education, I graduated from music school, college and bachelor's degree in piano. In my life there has always been music. It has become a guide to the world of photography, through music you can speak and through photography too. After all, "Photography is the language through which people can see what you see". At first, I was afraid to tell the world about myself, I lacked knowledge, tools, and imagination, which I began to hone and develop. And my photos began to transform. it gave me resources and motivated me to move on. But a few years ago, photography divided my life into before and after. It opened up a new world and a new me. it's something I can't imagine my life without. Here I found myself and my people and like-minded people from all over the world. I am happy that my work resonates with the audience.  In my photos, I look for harmony and beauty, through form, composition and content. When you can simply say about the complex it is the height of perfection. Photography is light painting. I spent a lot of time studying light, now I love soft diffused light, which can convey a rich palette of shades. It is also very important to work with the subject of the shooting, to lead along, so that it believes and becomes the main character. Its look, emotions and image. Be on the same page. I believe that this is the way to success, to see in a person the uniqueness and beauty inherent in nature.I love the process. Recently, there are a lot of projects that i want to implement, new year's new plans. Given the above, I consider myself a happy person. I have a favorite family, a favorite business that has grown into a profession. It inspires me, brings drive and joy. I know that I am only at the beginning of this difficult path of search and discovery. Because there is no limit to perfection. The most difficult thing is to be a photographer, not to be afraid to be different, to find own style, not to be afraid of mistakes.

​Model : Tanya Safronova

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