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Tadatosi Uehara



There are many forms of love in the world.
The objects of love are diverse, including people, non-human creatures, objects, phenomena, and actions.
It seems to have become the basis of individual lives and a source of sustenance.
Despite the inclusion of diversity, there are still many problems in contemporary society, not only in Japan, but also in other countries around the world.

For example, "gender is subdivided" and "wedding with real dolls",
It cannot be said that there is a perfect environment that accepts individual forms of love.
I have witnessed the various connections and forms of love that exist in my own surroundings and in real life,
With the hope that the word "minority" will no longer be used for all forms of love
I photograph and record from my personal and subjective point of view.and ideals for a bit. I hope it will be transmitted to many people.

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