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Solène Ballesta



Solene Ballesta is a French multidisciplinary artist based in Tokyo.
She graduated from La Sorbonne University in Paris in Cinema and Contemporary art studies. She directs her work towards story telling, hybridating different medium and genres, from documentary to fashion, portrait to performance. She won PICTO Award for Young Fashion Photography in 2014, and exhibited at Louvre Museum and Galliera Fashion Museum in Paris, then in several international art fairs.
She moved to Japan in 2019 to found her own studio, continuing her plastician researches on conceptual photographs, videos, and installations.
Solène's work focuses mainly on portrait, the human beings. She considers the artistic practice as moving and hybrid, like human emotions always fluctuating. Her favorite subjects are eros and thanatos, the blurred boundaries of gender, and cultural encounters. She uses mainly photography and video, but also installation and space design, calligraphy and 3D.

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