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Sane Seven

sane seven profile Portrait.jpg


Sane Seven is an award-winning due portrait photographers (Viktorija Grigorjevaite & Dr. Marius Janciauskas) who work internationally with commissions ranging from fashion legend Jimmy Choo to heads of state like former Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. In 2021, they won gold in New York Photography awards as the best portrait photographer. They are celebrated for their style that evokes vulnerability and tenderness together with strength and tenacity.

Their work focuses on portraits of people who leave an important marks in history, culture, and arts, including sports legends like footballer Steven Gerrard and olympian female athletes like Sam Quek, Katarina Johnson Thompson, and others.

Their latest collaborative project (The Female Lead book) features 68 cultural icons of today and tomorrow that include many new-age of actresses and musicians like Jodie Whittaker or Joy Crookes, social activists like Katie Piper, business executives of the leading brand like Vogue, heads of state like Julia Gillard and many others.

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