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Rona Bar - Ofek Avshalom 


Description -

In a time of temporary crisis , when it was all about converging into yourself and your own world, we’ve created a timeless project on intimacy and love through photographing couples at their homes.The photographs allow a unique and honest glimpse into the world that the couples created to themselves.
The heart of the project lays in the authentic and diverse forms of real-life relationships.

Credits - Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom
instagram @Ronabarphotos @ofekavshalom

Bio -
We are Rona Bar and Ofek Avshalom, two photographers who live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.
We met through a joint photography work, that led to starting a photography business together and eventually we became a couple.
In our work, we strive to integrate storytelling through unique visuals.

Our commercial work focuses on fashion, PR and portraiture while our personal projects aim to explore various concepts, including the human form, emotions, and individuality.

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