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Rieko Honma



Rieko Honma is a Japanese woman photographer based in Niigata.  In 2010, she began creating works using photography as her self-taught medium of expression. 
She has continued to express her desire to give form to the formless through photography, focusing on themes such as "daydreaming," "the fragility and instability of girls," and "the borderline between the mind and reality. For her, taking photographs is a way to escape reality. She is also a photographer who is interested in the beauty of a somewhat strange atmosphere, a sense of irrationality, and a sense of harmony due to imperfection.
The mysterious dreamlike depictions may be an expression of her desire to escape from reality.
Her cube series is a poetic work and a cry towards lost freedom. Her photos that we find on the artist’s website reflect this research.


Many boundaries exist in this world.Boundaries between oneself and others, between inside and outside, between past and future, between dreams and realities. This series of works was born between those boundaries. A world that, like dreams or realities, lacks form. It surely exists but lacks substances and the fact makes the world uncertain and ambiguous. I reside in the space between the two worlds. What are the boundaries dividing people’s inner selves (inside their minds) from outer world (the real world) ? Through my pictures, I seek the depths. The alienated space of this transparent box (cube) links itself and people’s inner selves. I have taken the inside of the glass as the inside of the mind and the outside of the glass as the real world. The cube seems constrained and closed inside. But we become strongly conscious of our own existence and gain entry deep into our inner selves. I had models in the cube express their own feelings and emotions using every part of their bodies. People living in modern society are under a great deal of stress. Their hearts are as fragile as glass. Realities too ugly to face sometimes cross the boundaries and penetrate into their minds. They may also find the feeling they have repressed spilling out over those boundaries as well. Through photography, I have given forms to those without forms and want to express those boundaries.

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