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Piero Toffano



Piero Toffano (1956) was born in Mira close Venice in 1956. 
He grew up in his father's library where he gets acquainted with renaissance painters and reads several Italian weekly magazines. Such publications, similarly to Life in the United States, exposed the general public to vivid representations of the immediate past and brimming present times publishing pictures by Capa, Weston, Eisenstaedt, and Penn. Tina Modotti in Mexico, Displaced People in Barcelona, the Kissing Sailor, but also the Supper at Emmaus, the Vocation of St. Matthew, the Lady with an Ermine remain glued to her memory, entering in her DNA. 
His dad, a tradesman, prompts Piero into accounting school, a path that he'd reluctantly bring on. For life needs, he becomes a white-collar, making a virtue out of necessities. While working, he still finds time to pursue his passion for photography, that in the meantime, he had developed into a profound desire to produce his contents. His first camera, a Pentax K1000 that he still owns, dates 1975. 
With the advent of digital, his fluctuating interest in photography gets a new momentum. The broad sweep of his path into nude pictures unravels progressively throughout the next two decades. While keeping on shooting both in digital and analogue, Piero progressively perfects his mastering of post-production techniques, creatively expressing himself in the editing phase. he uses the old house where he was born as a studio
He regularly publishes the works on the web, his works is on  Photovogue Italia, Iconic artist magazine  and Flickr. he also sells them on Ebay 

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