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Noriko Yabu



1981 Born in Kagawa
2005 Waseda University , (B.A. in Literature)
2007 Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) , (Master in fine Art)

2009 Grand Prize at Higashikawa International Photography Festival

2014 PX3 honorable mention

2015 HELLERAU PORTRAIT award selected


SUISOU  - water

Nobody knows the real me.
I do not even understand the real me.
Nationality, Gender, Status,
Occupation, Academic underground, rumor.....
People see me with stereotype
throught filter such as.
I also categoraize people.
It may be necessary to survive in this society.
I have been taking myself
many interesting my expressions.
How do you see me?

KASOU  - flower

Humans body passes away eventually
But we have a function leave out descendants between man and woman
Inside the children which we give a birth
Our own DNA still alive
Flowers also passes away someday
But they have a function to leave their descendants by themself
The life cycle which they have are sprout, grow, bloom, and drop a seed
They do their best to keep that cycle and keep to connect their cycle
How long does this everlasting loop keeps on going
I think I'm same with flowers

FUSOU  - wind

To die is to live.
To live is to die.
We are born with a mission and die fulfill it.
After we will reborn with new mission.
Limited time
Our last day when we cannot know
Nobody knows anything.
We live as the wind.
I face all and I stand tall and do my way.

*All works are self-portrait

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