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Mukti Echwantono



I pursue the world of photography since 2006, 

The beauty of photograph is not obligately about being clean and bright.

we must learn to have a sense, 

a special touch for it

so that we can create a photograph which present not only beauty to the eyes,There is a certain romance in darkness and melancholy. 

out that which is hidden and unknown. 

A blurry photo communicates feeling in a language that perfection never will.


Title : Elegy of emptiness

Objective : My work this time wants to tell about loneliness, about the most difficult part of life. and how do we filter out circumstances that we don't want. about how to let go of things that shouldn't be in us, or about how we fortify ourselves from negative things and I symbolize it with a gas mask, I want to create a dualism of the atmosphere, I mix between soft and a bit mystical and between beauty and gloom.

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