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Giuseppe Gradella



Giuseppe Gradella deeply believes in two things, in memories and dreams. Everything is stratified over time, in the heart, memory and eventually finds a way, words, an image to return to the light, to reveal itself; the condition that best represents the modus operandi of Giuseppe is that of apnea, waiting just beneath the surface until the breath allows him to then resurface and look at the world from a different perspective, more aware. He likes to think that with a lot of patience and a good lure you can fish in a hole drilled in the ice, without seeing anything that goes underneath but only imagine it or recall it. In his photographs, whether it's fashion, a portrait or fine art, the pose is the same, always straddling what is opposite and what has held back so far. He does not like to participate, he prefers to withhold, not seeking confrontation, but he prefers self-criticism. Photography came to him like a thunderstorm after months of drought, and thirst is still great. Gradella lives and works in Mantua (Italy).

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