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Giovanni Filippi



Giovanni Filippi is an italian independent photographer based in Milan, Italy. I started because i'm curios of the people stories, i love portrait photography, I try to create rare moments of unguarded intimacy. I brings deep personal
investment in my work, capturing the chemistry that i creates with subjects and revealing the emotion that imbues the image.
Yes i’m obsessed by stories of the people. My approach is by my natural sensation. I think photography is not casual in my life, i have approach the photography with the curiosity to discover different and natural faces, never stop continued
to study photography, at starting i have assisted a lot of pro photographer through various works outdors and studio.
I work with fashion where i looking for my personal natural vision without stereotypes. I create and publish advertising and editorial campaigns for magazines, fashion agencies and international brands.
Every day I also work for my personal projects that deal with contemporary sociality, my personal work seeks to separate the stereotype of beauty and the sexualised image of the naked form from everyday reality.
The freedom to manifest ones sexual identity without fear of social prejudice and have the courage to love your body and it’s imperfections without shame.
Clients and Publications:
Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Glamour, Samsung, Dior, Vichy, Grazia, La Perla,
Universal Music ... and others

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