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Exhibition overview

ELOQUENCE  Photo Exhibition

Notice of [Aesthetic Sensibility in Photography]


We will hold a 7-day photo exhibition from September 15 to 17 and September 21 to 24, 2024.

 This exhibition follows the one we held last fall.

 The event will be held at the old school building of Sapporo Fashion Design College DOREME


Éloquence represents the talent for expressing ideas with clarity and force.

The theme of the photo exhibition is [Aesthetic Sensibility in Photography]


This time, members featured on Instagram will also be participating. There will also be demonstrations and exhibitions by fashion designers and hair designers active in Sapporo.

AI is evolving and the way we express ourselves in photography is changing. We would like to hold a photo exhibition that pursues the aesthetics of photography once again and considers what kind of photos reach the heart. There is a participation fee this time. We are considering framing the photos and displaying them for sale. Up to three photos can be displayed per person. Please contact us separately to discuss the price and limited number.


Participation fee : €30.00 par 1 photo

Payment is PayPal  -

Print size : 254mm×365mm

Paper used : Fujifilm Premium Paper Raster

Framing and transportation : Managed by our team

Sales margin : Gallery: Photographer 50:50

Please also let us know the desired selling price.

We will explain the work to customers at the time of sale, so please attach a explanation.

Please include the title as well.


Send the data for printing by August 10 to


Choose the photos to be exhibited by yourself.

However, we may consult about exhibited works from here.

Photos other than the WEB gallery are also OK.

If you have any questions, please contact me.


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