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éloquence Photo Exhibition

*Date and time

03/05/2022 - 05/05/2022 

From 11:00 to 21:00  GMT +9


Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center "SCARTS COURT”


Deep emotion through photography



What can a photograph tell us?

What is the meaning of expression in this age of sorrow and despair?

We hope you will listen to the voices of each artist. With all our heart to Ukraine.

OM n.jpg


Fashion from Sapporo

Passion from heart

OXYMORON × Hajime Yoshida

couverture × Kou Yamamoto

MATUTA MAKOTO × Tadatosi Uehara

sora creating × Kuchiko Nogi

couverture n.jpg
MM n.jpg
SC n.jpg


​Sapporo City


Walker Plus




Sapporo Art & Culture Infomation

ICONIC Artist Magazine

Embassy of Ukraine in Japan

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