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Danae Char



Danae Char is an amateur photographer based in Athens, Greece. She express herself through the camera lens and attempt to depict the human body from a feministic point of view by trying to make Inclusivity a key element in her work. Her compositions consist of the human presence in an underground scenery as much as in nature.

Some words for my project :
Project "(De)Landscaping the feminine form" attempts to bring to the present day a conversation 
about desire and the need to shed norms enforced to femininities, by returning to nature and creating 
their identity from scratch; by them, for them.
Four different landscapes, different surfaces and textures, to remind us how to stay strong -without self-cencoring our weaknesses- 
but also how to rely on each other in a patriarchal society that wants us to stay marginalized and alone. 
Through this project i want to initiate a conversation, which is often taking place among my friends, 
about the experience of exposing your naked body to nature, realising that nothing around us is "the same" or "perfect".

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