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Christine Anderson



Christine Anderson is an internationally recognized painter, photographer, and sculptor based in New Jersey - USA. She holds a BFA in Fine Arts from Long Island University Southampton and her work features abstract photography, paintings, and sculpture. Christine uses both mediums to express dynamic and evocative ideas that are uniquely and authentically hers. Each piece draws you in with a bizarre, perplexing appeal. They continue to keep you captivated by revealing details and themes that were not obvious at first glance, like a deeper and more evocative magic eye image. Christine’s photography uses sets and clothing to produce in-camera imagery along with editing to further accentuate surrealist themes. Her paintings use a wide range of materials to produce large and elaborate canvases in her uniquely expressive style. Complimenting her paintings, she also creates sculptures out of colorful wire that brings her concepts out of the canvas and into the room with you. Her work has been published in Slate Magazine, Vogue Italia, and more. She has also had her artwork featured in exhibitions across the United States and throughout Italy.

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