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Bianca Beltramello



Bianca Beltramello began her journey in the visual arts as painter and illustrator. Her works focus on the male figure, painted with a photorealistic technique, then framed in an abstract and materic composition, mixing digital, innovative and traditional media. She then put her artistic background to good use in fashion, dressing the very subject of her paintings - the male body. She specialized in print design, drawing and painting prints for fabric. Through fashion, she delved in photography, taking part in shootings for her menswear collections and personal projects as art director. She started taking photos herself under the guidance of an experienced photographer, who grew to be a close friend and mentor, after posing for him. Art, fashion and photography are different facetings of a same vision, different means to investigate reality and people, sharing the same aesthetics. Through her works, Bianca finds the intimate daintiness of male bodies, releasing their vulnerability and detaching from social stereotypes abour virility.

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