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Arto Pazat

Portrait Arto Pazat. © Davy Jourget.jpg


University studies in philosophy and art history. Advanced degrees in clinical psychology and psychoanalysis. Partly self-taught in photography. Many exhibitions and interventions in Brussels, Amsterdam, Istambul, Tokyo (2020), Romania (Cosman Foundation, 2019), Genoa ... Paris ( Galerie Monod, Espace P. Cardin, FotoFever Caroussel du Louvre Paris, ...), Arles ( Voies-Off, FEPN ... ) Aix Provence ... Direction of masterclasses and training courses : Arles, Maison Photo Lille ... Artist residency : Baalbek Liban(2022).Toulouse-Revel ( 2021, 2022). Editions of artists' books : Editions Gallery Vevais Berlin. Edition MDV Arras France. Works in Donation M. Desideri Museum of Fine Arts Arras France.

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