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Annetta Van Balen



Annetta van Balen was born in the Netherlands. Since she was young her dream was to travel and experience very different cultures from the inside. In the Middle East and Asia she was able to connect with many interesting people who had something to tell. Stories that are supposed to be hidden. Researching, travelling and writing was daily life for a long time.

After giving birth, her life changed but her passion stayed the same. Emotions, what drives people from the inside and why.

She changed to the photographic medium to express herself very intuitively. 

Humans in nature is returning as an important part of her work. 

At the moment she is working on a serie called best friends. Showing the importance of love without borders.

She feels at the beginning of her path to discover the fascinating language of the human body, the soul of people, the immense possibilities of photography, shadow and light and above all the mood as the essence of her images.

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