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Anne-Laure Etienne



In less than thirty years of existence, Anne-Laure Etienne has managed to build up a mosaic of life(s) which places her in a category of exceptional photographers. Her composite work, immediately recognizable although in perpetual hybridization, is a masterful representation of his time.


Born and raised in the wild lands of southern Ardèche, her gaze sharpened in contact with nature. She captures atmospheres that transcend eras and fashions. She depicts textures, materials, colors and lights with the subtlety induced by her permanent questioning of the link between substance and form. In its relationship to nature and the human body, gender does not matter.


All the facets of his personality and his story are found in the development of his personal portfolio. Both actress/subject and screenwriter, she breathes into it the founding elements that will irradiate most of her transgender work: the ambiguous links between dream and reality, movement and immobility, absence and presence, nature and culture. Another series striking, Tissues and Bones, won the 1st prize for Photo Responses at the Rencontres d'Arles in 2020.

Tissues & Bones


In this Tissues & Bones series, Anne-Laure Etienne deepens her relationship with bodies and their envelopes of skins or fabrics. She continues to overturn landmarks and symbols with a pop sense of poetry.

With this self-portrait approach, she questions space and body. But also the place of the human in his environment: the intimate conflict between constraint and expression of his freedom, between the confinement of the bodily envelope and the blossoming of the spirit. Far from being a simple decoration, it conditions the mental space of these lost bodies which are submitted to it.

Anne-Laure offers here photos in three dimensions: the real, the symbolic and the imaginary. With aesthetic meticulousness, economy of means and a sense of do it yourself sharpened by her multiple artistic experiences, she tends towards purity to magnify bodies and complex subjects. 

Anne-Laure is looking for healthy and luminous exits from the road. Watching for the accident in the shot, she presses a little more on this tension between constraint and freedom of the bodies. Clothing and body envelopes become one and the same skin, and their union radiates both the human and his environment.

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