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Innocenza by UBERlab
Cambiando rimani te stessa*
*By changing, stay yourself

She suffers from loss, not even knowing what she has lost.
 It is difficult for her to express this feeling in words.
Special sensitivity.


UBERLab it is a kind of "laboratory of spirit" with own semantics. Duet photographer Victoria Art and stylist Victoria Nooga. UBERlab created in Kyiv, Ukraine.
UBERLab it is:
- A kind of "laboratory of spirit" with own semantics.
- We have no control over our creativity. It is outside of our volition
- The form of creativity is informative. Information is not about herself, but about something else, more important, that provokes an intellectual complicity of the viewer. It is a reflection of the unknowable.
- Style like the way of thinking.

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