Takaaki Ishikura





Takaaki was born 1970 in Osaka Prefecture and lives there.

In 2015, he was interested in street photography and started it in 2018.

He published a self-produced photo magazine, ZINE “VOICE” to keep his work on paper.  He is scheduled to publish it on a regular basis. There are 140 copies in PHOTO VOGUE now. 

December 2019 VOICE issue commemoration Photo exhibition held at Osaka Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore

Jan.,2020: VOICE 2 Sold at Umeda Tsutaya Bookstore

Feb., 2020: PASHA STYLE Exhibition

May 2020: Solo exhibition planned at Pictorico Gallery Omotesando

Aug.,2020(scheduled):Solo exhibition  (Osaka)

HP https://takaaki-ishikura.com

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