Nobuaki Fujisaki





Representative of Photograph.RN Professional photographer


Nobu is active in all ceremonial occasions. In the beauty industry, he is in charge of all the photo shooting work for Varie Co., Ltd. He is the Exclusive photographer for the Varieties Creative Team.

He is the main photographer for adult photo wedding there. He is familiar with the funeral industry, which is a separation from people. Also he has been involved in photography and production of numerous movies.

He mainly shoots portraits of women in wedding dresses. He released a photo book at Sony Store Sapporo in June 2019 “Fulgente”, December “Fulgente SP”, April 2020 “EL-SoL”.

He held a solo exhibition "EL-SoL" in Sony Store Sapporo in April 2020. He tries to integrate the vast landscape of Hokkaido with portraits.