Nobu Ishijima




A memory of light, shadow and color that I caught.

I would be happy if I could take a photo to touch the hearts of the people who see it.

Tokyo Camera Club 2019 Contest Instagram Category Selected Onaeba 2019 Reviewer Award Nomination (Terauchi Masato)
Tokyo Models vol.1 Silver Frame Award, Model Award 100publish
Photo Vogue, Japanese photo contests, etc. posted, selected

Exhibition (main items)

The King of Darkness Jul.26,2019 – Jul.28, 2019 @Shibuya LE DECO

+ Portrait2019 Jul.17, 2019 – Jul.22, 2019 @Shibuya LE DECO

Tokyo Camera Club 2019 Photo Exhibition Jul.12,2019 – Jul.15, 2019@Shibuya Hikarie

Onaeba 2019 Mar.1,2019 – Mar.4,2019@ Yokohama Osanbashi Hall

Storyline Jan.30,2019 – Feb.11,2019 @Sapporo Galalry HOMAGE

The King of Darkness V Aug.17,2018 – Aug.19, 2018@Shibuya LE DECO

+ Portrait2018 Jul.17, 2018 – Jul.22,2018@Shibuya LE DECO

Onaeba 2018 Mar.12,2018-Mar.14, 2018@ Yokohama Osanbashi Hall