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Marcin Kwiecień



I was born in 1975 and I live in Poland
Photography is my hobby which allows me to break free from the monotony of everyday life. Recently, I have been returning to traditional (analog) photography more and more often and I am trying to calm down the whole process a bit and also introduce an element of uncertainty and imperfections in the results. My photo sessions are always spontaneous without much preparations and plans. It is intended to obtain natural effects and also to force creativity and focus on the model's energy
I have never thought or planned my style.  I put as much of myself as possible into the creative process and listen to what my photographic sensitivity tells me.  If had to describe the specifics of my photography:  you can say that I like natural and creative portraits with a bit of minimalism, which most often depict a man surrounded by nature,
 which in turn is in line with my ecological worldview and
constant search for balance and relief in personal life.

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