Kou Yamamoto





Born in 1972. Lives in Hokkaido.

A photographer who mainly shoots portraits and hairstyles while running a beauty salon.

October 2005 Established 4hair Co., Ltd.

Started taking hairstyle photos in 2009.

May 2019 Participated in the first group photo exhibition "Changing". At the same time, start posting to Photo Vogue.

Until now, he continues to take up challenges such as Photo Vogue and Iconic artist magazine.



To feel the excitement of the model while shooting

To bring out personality and scent that the model has not noticed.



Hotpepper beauty The day 4HAIR Hair Catalog



Hokkaido hair designers congress public award



Vogue Italia. Photo Vogue / Iconic artist magazine /

Fine art Portugal / 1x.com / Pasha style. Etc