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éloquence Photo Exhibition

*Date and time

01/05/2021 - 05/05/2021 

From 11:00 to 21:00  GMT +9


Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center "SCARTS COURT”


Proof of existence / What the subject tells us


Deep emotion through photography


Deep emotions are very important to people. Sports, Movies, Live performances, and much more. But right now, we don't have many opportunity to be impressed due to the coronavirus.   Why do we take pictures? It is because we want to be impressed with my work. I think it's because I want to share my emotions with people who are involved in my work and who are watching.  Last year, I was not able to hold the photo exhibition I had planned. We may not be able to hold the exhibition again this time due to coronavirus. However, we believe it is necessary for all of us to do what we can and to have hope. We would like to convey our message to society through photography.


​Sapporo City


Walker Plus

Xanthe Hutchinson​

Paweł Brzeziński

Tina Colaninno

Veronika Gergert

Arkadiusz Trojanowicz

Mimi Chipaila

Mira Nedyalkova

Natalia Samoilova

Valeria Sigal

Steve Dean Mendes

Aiko Ogane

Niki Genchi

Alina Nilova

Kou Yamamoto

Emmanuelle Burfin

Aram Kirakosyan

Korbinian Vogt


UBERlab | Victoria Art 

Christine Turek

Salvatore Griffini

Angelika Kollin

Sensi Lorente

Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks

Marina Vasilevskaia

Jonathan Lorilla

Olga Gridina

Sabrina Sartori

Marcin Kwiecień

Zara Wildmoons

Annetta Van Balen

Piero Toffano

Shiori Akiba

Hajime Yoshida


Marzenka M.Kwintera

Nogi Kuchiko

Kana Suzuki

Tadatoshi Uehara

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