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Exhibition overview


The Essence of Naked Beauty / A Proof of Humanity's Nature Through Artistic Expression

*Date and time

From 16th to 18th September 2023

From 10:00 to 17:00  GMT +9

Openig Reception : 16th  Setpember 15:00


Sapporo Fashion Design College - Old School Building,141.3323915,19z?authuser=0&entry=ttu



Nude photography is a unique genre where the subject is stripped down to its utmost simplicity. Conventional poses and smiles hold no meaning here. Nude photography symbolizes the profound relationship between the photographer and the model, encapsulating an unadorned narrative of truth. The photographer captures moments of beauty and vulnerability, while the model exists in their raw authenticity, giving rise to a captivating aesthetic expression. I hope your exhibited works will evoke deep emotions and contemplation in the viewers.


*One piece of artwork can be exhibited free of charge.

Size of the paper  305x420mm.

*Multiple or large exhibits are charged.

3 additional pictures of 305x420mm size are €25 or

1 additional picture of 420x594mm size  is €20  (Up to two additional pictures can be added)

Payment is PayPal

*Send the data for printing by August 13 to

Please include the title as well.

*Choose the photos to be exhibited by yourself.

However, we may consult about exhibited works from here.

Photos other than the WEB gallery are also OK.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

*Printing paper


The photos will be printed with margins and displayed without frames.


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