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Exhibition overview


Photo exhibition  - éloquence

*Date and time

May 3rd, 2022 - May 5th, 2022 

From 11:00 to 20:00  GMT +9


Sapporo Cultural Arts Community Center "SCARTS COURT”


Deep emotion from photography


The theme is the same as last year. This year we plan to focus on Victoria in Ukraine.

We hope that we can all surround her and encourage her during this difficult and painful time.

You can express it freely.

Please send me your works that will reach something to her heart.

It will surely be a message that will be conveyed to people all over the world.

Message from Victoria

Our thoughts about project :

"Fear is a challenge and a task, for only courage can deliver from fear. If you do not take risks, the meaning of life fades.
A person who has lost touch with his core sentenced to hopeless loss... 

to gray, dull monotony, illuminated only by a wandering light"

In the darkness of everything external that now surrounds us, I find an inner conscious life that is my truly own.
When we look at what is happening, the reaction comes from within.
Recognition of anger and the ability to direct it in a certain direction can be an extremely powerful stimulus for change.
Then the person simply refuses to live in contradiction with himself.

We carry the code of our land and identification as a continuation of ourselves, projecting it in our creativity.

*UBERlab is Ukrainian conceptual laboratory. It is a kind of "laboratory of spirit" with our own semantics. It is not a style but the way of thinking. UBERlab consists of photographer Victoria Art and creator/stylе Victoria Nooga from Kiev, Ukraine.


*Size of the paper


*Recommendation resolution and dpi

3000px × 4311px  300dpi

*Number of exhibit

1 photo per person

*Send the data for printing by March 20  to

Please include the title as well.

*Choose the photos to be exhibited by yourself.

Photos other than the WEB gallery are also OK.

Please let me know if you are busy and have no time.
We will select and print from the photos we are exhibiting on the WEB.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

*Printing paper


The photos will be printed with margins and displayed without frames.

※ I'm currently contacting more than 50 photographers, so individual responses are slow. Please kindly note that.

● If you would like to add a photo on the web page, please send me about 6 to 12 photos.


W1440Q75_13. UBERlab_The Room of Ones Own (3)15.jpg
W1440Q75_27. UBERlab(2017).jpg
W1440Q75_26. UBERlab(2019)1.jpg
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