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Barbara Cannizzaro



Barbara Cannizzaro (1973) was born and lives in Roma.
She loves details, what is not immediately visible. What is usually not caught, what passes unnoticed by an inattentive eye.

She loves to catch women in their simplicity and uniqueness, the 'wrong' portrait, outside frames and classic rules. She studies and develops projects that have a psychological or social utility giving no importance to the perfection of the body, to the homogenisation that makes everybody empty and unhappy.
Her true passion is self-portrait, not meant as an egocentric gesture or as a sterile description and representation of herself, but intended as a vehicle for expression and release of moods and thoughts.
For years she ignored, mistreated and finally forgot her body, and after a long and painful path, she began to know and recognize herself through photography. Looking through the lens and by means of photographic paper, she finally achieves the perception of herself, of her existence.
Once Lisette Model said: “I have often been asked what I wanted to demonstrate with my photographs. The answer is that I don't want to feel anything. These images prove my true existence .. "
Barbara adds: "At the same time, my body is the main character, the narrator, the vehicle and the mirror of myself, from nobody I had become one and a hundred thousand."
A real therapeutic and intimate process to make herself recognizable and to offer food for thought to the observer.

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